Grease Trap Installation Melbourne

Grease traps are an important piece of equipment within commercial kitchens; they protect drains and sewers from blockages caused by fats, oils, grease and solids.

Fats, oil and grease (FOGS) are by-products of the catering industry and are a cause of problems for kitchen drains. ARYA Plumbing & Gas specialises in the installation and maintenance of grease traps and grease management systems for the catering industry.

Grease traps are passive devices required to stop grease, fat, oil, wax or debris from entering the city's sanitary sewer system. Such materials cause blockages in the system, which can cause backups and overflows. They are designed to separate grease from waste water so that it can be removed before it enters the sewer system. All restaurants, caterers, school cafeterias and other commercial cooking facilities must, by law, avoid discharging grease into the city sewer system.

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