Burst Pipe and Unknown Water Leak Melbourne

Whether it is in a commercial setting or a residential one, burst pipes have the potential to cause panic and a great deal of damage. A burst pipe can occur under the floor, behind a wall, under the ground in the backyard or even under the street.

Any water that is moving through a pipe when it bursts will start accumulating in and around that general area. There are several reasons a pipe may burst, but one of the most common is when older pipes wear down and weaken from years of water rushing through them. Eventually, and without warning, the pipe will have had enough and will burst. Tree roots crowding underground pipes, rusty galvanized pipes and freezing temperatures are other reasons you may encounter burst pipes on your property. Whatever the reason, fast action is required once you realize what has happened. If possible, shut off the water supply immediately and call for help.

When you realize that a pipe has burst, you should definitely treat it as a plumbing emergency. Even if you can see where the water is accumulating, you have no way to know what it happening behind walls or under floors. Professional burst pipe repair is the only way to pinpoint the problem and fix it before it causes even more damage.

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